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Cast Of Myrtle Manor Where Are They Now?

Cast Of Myrtle Manor Where Are They Now – Welcome to a profound plunge into the existences of the cast individuals from the unscripted television show Welcome to Myrtle House,” otherwise called “Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Estate.” The show, which circulated on tender loving care from 2013 to 2014, gave watchers a brief look into the daily existences of the occupants of a trailer park in Myrtle Ocean side, South Carolina.

Becky Robertson

Since the show’s decision, fans have been interested about where the cast individuals are presently. This article will investigate the post-show lives of these adored personalities.Before we dig into the whereabouts of the Cast Of Myrtle Manor Where Are They Now, we should momentarily return to the reason of “Welcome to Myrtle House.” The show zeroed in on the particular and beautiful occupants of the Myrtle Estate trailer park, exhibiting their connections, challenges, and the very close local area they shaped. It was a remarkable mix of humor, show, and Southern appeal that dazzled crowds for three seasons.

Becky Robertson, the recreation area director and a focal figure on the show, was known for areas of strength for her character and commitment to Myrtle Estate. Post-show, Becky has proceeded with her profession in the trailer park industry, overseeing properties and guaranteeing the prosperity of her communities.Cecil Patrick, the proprietor of Myrtle Estate, was many times found in the show giving insight and direction.

He stays dynamic in the privately-run company, managing the activities of the trailer park and guaranteeing its heritage continues.Jared Stetson, the new occupant and trying performer, has been seeking after his energy for music. He has been engaged with different melodic tasks and keeps on pursuing becoming well known in the business.

Chelsea Keller

Chelsea Keller, known for her nonconformist and relationship dramatization on the show, has since zeroed in on self-awareness. She has stayed under the radar, and insights concerning her ongoing undertakings are scarce.Amanda Lee Adams, one more inhabitant of Myrtle Estate, has wandered into business venture. She has been engaged with different business pursuits and stays a functioning individual from her community.Taylor J. Burt, known for his party-kid picture, has since zeroed in on undertakings and his own life.

He has been engaged with the neighborhood nightlife scene and has likewise invited new increments to his family.Lindsay Colbert, one of the more youthful occupants, has been offsetting her profession yearnings with everyday life. She has been moderately confidential about her post-show exercises yet is accepted to be flourishing in her own and proficient endeavors.Marvin Hodge, the adorable safety officer, has proceeded with his work in security. He stays a dearest figure locally and is known for his commitment to guarding inhabitants.

Roxanne “Roxy” O’Neal

Roxanne “Roxy” O’Neal, known for her red hot character, has been chipping away at individual activities. She has kept a lot of her life hidden since the show’s end, however she periodically refreshes fans through friendly media.Brittany Shell, another inhabitant, has been zeroing in on her vocation. She has been striving to accomplish her expert objectives and keeps a presence via online entertainment where she imparts updates to her followers.Chelsey Keller, Chelsea’s sister, has been offsetting her own existence with her profession.

She has been somewhat confidential about her post-show life however is accepted to do well.Miss Peggy Beaulieu, the senior stateswoman of Myrtle House, has been partaking in her retirement. She stays a loved individual from the local area and keeps on being engaged with nearby activities.The baffling Outlaw, who was somewhat of a secret on the show, has kept his life hidden. His ongoing whereabouts and exercises are obscure to people in general.

Stephanie “Shellie” Rhodes

Stephanie “Shellie” Rhodes, known for her good nature and solid hard working attitude, has been zeroing in on her family and profession. She has been making progress toward her objectives and stays a functioning local area member.Kimberly “Kim” Kerr, another occupant, has been on an excursion of self-improvement. She has been investigating various ways and is committed to working on herself and her life conditions.

FAQ Area

Is “Welcome to Myrtle House” actually being created? No, the show finished up after three seasons and is as of now not underway. Could I at any point visit Myrtle House? Myrtle House is a genuine trailer park in Myrtle Ocean side, South Carolina, and it is feasible to visit, yet if it’s not too much trouble, regard the security of the occupants. Did any project individuals go on with unscripted television? As of the most recent updates, none of the Cast Of Myrtle Manor Where Are They Now individuals have gone on with unscripted television in a huge manner. Most have gotten back to private life or sought after different interests.


All in all, the cast of “Welcome to Myrtle House” has continued on from their unscripted television days, with many zeroing in on self-improvement, family, and different profession ways. While some have kept a public presence, others have decided to carry on with their lives from the spotlight. The show might have finished, however the tradition of Myrtle Estate lives on through its cast and the local area they exhibited to the world.

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