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Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit: Check What Happened To Gloria Serge? Also Find What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

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Film of a gator killing an old lady became famous online and acquired tremendous viewership in Philippines and the US. It is on the grounds that gators assault on people is interesting. Crocodiles are found in enormous water bodies separated from human populace. Consequently, they by and large feed on creatures and fish. Be that as it may, when a gator tastes human blood (or) goes after them, they will endeavor it consistently. We should find out about Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit.

About video posts on Reddit:

As of composing, 11 presents related on crocs going after Gloria Serge were available on Reddit. Two Reddit presents were connected on local area pages with select substance connected with mishaps, passings, murders, And so forth. One people group post highlighting an uncensored video was eliminated per Reddit people group rules. Another post was available on one of NSFW Reddit gatherings.

Posts Viral On Reddit were upvoted by 6,383(+154% expansion since 24-Feburary-2023) and included 1,529 comments(+138% increment since 24th-February-2023). The greater part of Reddit presents diverted clients on unauthentic sites. Redditors shared connections to news and information based sites to abstain from posting upsetting (or) hostile pictures and recordings that might be taken out by Reddit bot (or) administrator.

  • Presence of croc assault recordings and sites on Message is dubious. Reddit posts talked about starting call made to 911 by Gloria’s panicked neighbor – Carole Thomas,
  • Hardly any posts examined croc caught on 23rd-February-2013 by Florida Fish and Natural life Preservation Commission (FWC) authorities,
  • Barely any Reddit posts talked about enduring of Gloria, her family, neighbors, and frightened local area,
  • Different posts talked about moves made by FWC and police and further preventive measures.
  • On Instagram, just a single post was available about croc’s assault, and
  • Hardly any Reddit posts examined prosperity of pet canine and remarked – who thinks often about canines contrasted with people losing their lives, there ought to be some news connected with pet canine.

About crocodile assault:

Gloria Serge was occupant of resigned local area arranged in Post Puncture, southeast Florida. On Youtube, there were 106 recordings connected with crocodile’s assault. She had five kids and seven grandkids.

She was partaking in her life after retirement. At roughly 12:00 early afternoon on Monday, twentieth February-2023, Gloria was strolling her pet canine close to Spanish Lakes Fairways.

A gator estimating 4.2 meters (or) around 13.77 feet and weighing roughly 650 pounds jumped out of the lake and attempted to go after Gloria’s pet canine. 25 recordings and sites on Twitter were found about croc assault.

Gloria figured out how to save her canine, yet in the battle, Gloria fell, and gator went after Gloria. The episode was seen via Carole, who quickly called 911.

Song had no means to save Gloria. In practically no time, gator lowered Gloria into the lake. The FWC caught croc after a broad pursuit at lower part of the lake according to not many virtual entertainment presents related on Gloria Serge Gator Video Reddit. As preventive measures, FWC conveyed robots to get an ethereal perspective on the lake to recognize presence of any risky reptiles.

Online entertainment joins:


Carole was distressed with dread when she saw gator going after Gloria. She revealed it promptly to 911. On the call, Carole revealed that Gloria was alive. In any case, in the span of 16 seconds of call, Carole shouted out that croc had maneuvered Gloria into the lake, which was sufficiently fast and consequently, Gloria got no assistance.

Were insights concerning gator’s assault on Gloria educational? If it’s not too much trouble, remark on this article about FWC catching gator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where was Gloria’s body found?

At the lower part of the lake.

  1. Who caught the video of the occurrence?

It was recorded on Natural life CCTV reconnaissance cameras.

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