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Write For Us Family: Complete Checklist of Drafting A Good Content!

Make a great start to your career. Read the process and guidelines of Write For Us Family content.

Family is the most closely knitted aspect of an individual’s life. There is hardly anyone who is not attached or close to their family. Herein, how about writing content related to the family? We are waiting for subject matter experts who have extensive knowledge to write about families and other related topics

Our current segment for the website is about Write For Us Family category. There are plenty of topics that can be covered in this category. If you can develop content in the segment, do try out your luck by joining us as writers.

Before that, read the complete article and blog that will provide you with detailed knowledge.

A Gist About the Website and Its Working

DifferentCommeToutleMonde is an international website. We are not limited to a local audience but have a global reach. There are audiences from across different parts of the geography who contribute to our website as writers as well as readers.

Write For Us + Family is a new category that we have added. In addition, there are numerous categories that we deal with. These range from genres such as health, money, business, sports, the latest news, reviews, and many more. However, all the content must meet the guidelines to make it search engine friendly.

Read the list of criteria to make the content perfect.

Why Should You Join Us as Bloggers and Writers?

  • Family Write For Us content will have a global reach when uploaded on our website.
  • Sitting in your home, you can develop content that many audiences will read.
  • Writers can build their network by meeting similar-minded bloggers
  • As every blog will include a small biography, it will add to your popularity
  • There is no limit to who can contribute to our website
  • You need the prowess and ability to craft different content that is engaging and informative
  • Apart from adding to your portfolio, you can also start your profession as a writer

General Guidelines for all Write for Us Content

Here are a few criteria that need to be followed to the core so that they are engaging and qualify for our website:

  • The content must be uniform.
  • Ensure to maintain a single font throughout the article.
  • Include keywords compulsorily to the content.
  • These keywords must be spread evenly in the article, ranking it among the top searches.
  • Following the grammar and plagiarism rules for Write For Us Family blogs and articles is essential.

  • The grammar score must strictly be above 98, and there should be 0% plagiarism.
  • Segment the article correctly.
  • It must include short sentences and paragraphs which make the content look clean.
  • The language must be readable by any age group.
  • Avoid using words that are hard to understand or read.
  • Before sharing the content, do ensure to conduct thorough editing and proofreading.

Methods to Get your Sample Approved

Before joining us as writers, every potential candidate must share sample content. It can be surrounding any topic related to the Write For Us Family. You need to send the sample through Email at [email protected].

The shared samples will go through a quality check by our team. If it meets the necessary criteria, we will get onboard the writers. Finally, the approval and onboarding message will be shared through Email.

Make Sure to Add these Points

  • Use Grammarly and plagiarism tools to check the content quality
  • The sentences are recommended to be 20 words for sentences and 150 words per paragraph
  • The font must either be Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri
  • The font size must be between 10 to 12 points
  • There should be additions related to facts accompanied by sources and links.
  • Add images, pie diagrams, tables, and videos wherever important
  • Maintain the flow of content
  • Keep the content alignment to justify
  • Write For Us Family articles must be engaging and can add to the readers’ knowledge base.
  • We will not allow false content
  • Everything should be based on facts

Final Conclusion

Write For Us Family articles are our new addition, and we are waiting to welcome potential writers. You need to read all the criteria and points listed above in the article to ensure the content is impeccable.

Make sure the guidelines are thoroughly followed. If there is any feedback or opinion, then we are here to resolve the same. So drop your views in the comment box and share the samples to join us as writers.

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