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Write For Us Industry: Get A Clear Idea For Writing The Guest Post!

The article highlights the preferred educational qualifications and field experience needed for the writers to present the Write For Us Industry article.

Are you an industrialist who aspires to share your knowledge about industries? Can you explain the industrial trends, workings, and performance of various industries? Then you are the ideal candidate for this blogging opportunity. Our team has developed a set of guidelines to present a highly qualified and reader-friendly article. Writers who want to contribute Write For Us Industry guest post articles for our differentcommetoutlemonde team must follow those guidelines. Thus, kindly read the below-mentioned sections without fail.

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Preferred Educational Qualifications and Field Experience

First of all, the writers must understand how to present the Write For Us + Industry articles. Industries are the backbone of economic development; they are the ones that produce goods for people and provide millions of job opportunities. Thus, it’s essential to study the industrial performance of each industry.

Thus, we request the guest post writers to write the articles in such a manner that every article should cover the latest trends and be able to provide solutions to industrial problems.

  • For this guest blogging opportunity, industrialists and professionals working in the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries can make their valuable attempts.
  • Investors and industrial loan specialists can also share their financial experiences in their Industry Write For Us articles
  • We are not expecting an accurate and absolute educational qualification; the person with more field experience can boldly contribute their knowledge to us. 
  • Writing experience is an optional one.

Reference topics

  • What is the performance level of each core industry?
  • Job opportunities that are present in each industry.
  • What are the ways that can be followed to make the industry a greener one?
  • How is the performance of each industry related to the economic downturn of a country?
  • Industries are necessary for a country’s development but it has the major disadvantage of polluting the environment. What changes can be made to start industries while maintaining the purity of our environment?

Write For Us Industry Articles Guidelines

  • The word length of the industrial articles should be between 500 and 1500.
  • We request the writer to quote many reports, like World Bank and World Economic Forum reports, as it will strengthen the article’s content.
  • But they shouldn’t copy the content as such; the writers must write in their own unique style. Here on our platform, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, so please write the article accordingly.
  • Writers can include many bar graphs, charts, and diagrams to explain things more easily.
  • For double-checking the grammatical errors, the writers can make use of the Grammarly application, and they should attain a Grammarly score of 99 or above.
  • The Write For Us Industry article should contain a few technical terms; try to explain things in layman’s terms.
  • The title, introduction, headings, subheadings, conclusion, commenting section lines, and a two-line description should all be included in the article.

SEO Guidelines

  • The article must compulsorily contain the SEO keywords, and those keywords must be associated with the chosen topics.
  • Writers can find the keywords in the “related searches” section, or they can make use of the Ubersuggest Chrome extension to find the high-score keywords.
  • Writers should properly maintain the keyword densities as well. For every 90 to 110 words, one keyword is sufficient. Avoid stuffing the whole article with too many SEO keywords.
  • Write For Us Industry writers should add valid external and internal links at the end of the article without fail; they can use different colours to highlight them separately.
  • The spam value of the article shouldn’t breach the limit of 5 to 6%.


  • The writers will get the needed recognition for their work.
  • The guest post article will receive more web impressions because our website has a large readership.

How to submit the articles?

The writers should send their article to this mail address [[email protected]]. And any other form of submission will not be accepted.


The article clearly explained every minute detail to the writers, and we hope that all our guidelines are writer-friendly. We would like to emphasise this point again before finishing this Write For Us Industry article. Please don’t send us plagiarised articles; trust your skills and send your genuine works. Let us enlighten the economic awareness of the people using Industry-related articles.

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