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Write For Us Photography: Look Into The Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post!

The article highlights the desired profession and educational qualifications needed for the Write For Us Photography writers to present the guest post articles.

Are you the person who has more skills in photography? Can you create highly qualified articles and related photographs? If yes, then a golden opportunity is waiting for you. Our Differentcommentoutlemonde team chose photography as our guest blogging topic because it has recently become one of the most in-demand skills.

But there are some rules to be followed by the Write For Us Photography writer while presenting their topic, and we have listed them clearly in the upcoming paragraphs.

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Desired Profession and Educational Qualification

Here in this section, we will see the detailed criteria required for attempting this Write For Us + Photography guest blogging opportunity.

First, photography is an art that helps us freeze our sweet memories. In earlier days, people used to take photos very rarely, but now that everyone has smartphones, taking pictures has become a daily activity.

Thus, we need our writers to enhance the photographic experience of our readers. Their article should also give tips and techniques so that every reader at least gets a chance to learn about the basics of photography and can picture their loved ones professionally.

Profession: Professionals in the photography field including photography specialists, assistants, event photographers, commercial photographers, photo editors, photojournalists, studio managers, photo specialists, retouchers, creative specialists, photo retouchers, and others, can also apply for this Photography Write For Us opportunity

Social media influencers can also share their experiences on how to take clear pictures and edit them. They can provide our readers with a lively example.

Educational qualification: Recently, many photography courses have emerged daily; thus, someone who has studied such courses can explain the technical details of photography.

Reference Topics

  • What are the basic types of photography that everyone has to know?
  • What are some pointers for taking professional photos with standard smartphones?
  • Insights on iPhone photography
  • What are the popular photography courses available online?
  • Creative wedding and baby shower photography

Write For Us Photography Articles Guidelines

  • The length of the photography article may range from 500 to 1500 words.
  • We expect the writers to present the article livelier with many examples rather than making technical statements.
  • Writers can suggest some professional cameras, lenses, and phones that take high-quality pictures, but they should not do any advertising for that particular company.
  • Plagiarism has to be strictly avoided. We need only 100% unique photography articles.
  • Even though our topic revolves around photographs, the writer must also focus on grammar part as well. They should produce the Write For Us Photography article without any grammar or spelling errors.
  • Writers should not add any copywritten images to their articles.
  • Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri fonts can be used.

SEO guidelines

  • The article should contain the necessary focus keywords related to the topics.
  • We advise the writers to use this keyword density while incorporating all those focus keywords. For every 80 to 110 words, writers should add one relevant keyword.
  • After finishing the article, the writers must add relevant internal and external links; at least two internal and one external links should be added.


  • While attempting this Write For Us Photography guest post, we encourage the writers to add pictures to their articles. One of our professional readers will like that image and offer them a good opportunity in the future.
  • Our platform will always act as a medium for uplifting the professional lives of our guest post writers.

Submission Rules

If any writers have doubts about developing the content or choosing the pertinent topics, they can reach out to our editorial team. They will undoubtedly dispel all of your concerns. And for submitting the finished documents, the writers should send their soft copies to this Email Address [[email protected]].


As a result, each Write For Us Photography article guideline and rule has been thoroughly explained by the differentcommetoutlemonde team. We hope that you have liked our writing approach and that you will share your knowledge with our platform. Trust us: your writings will reach a phenomenal position, and you will get great feedback from our global readers. So let us all create Photography for everyone.

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